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 CS:S Rules

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PostSubject: CS:S Rules   Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:46 am

1. No hacking or scripting of ANY kind.
-Hacking or scripting will result in a permanent ban.
2. Advertising servers or websites that do not belong
to HHS will result in a lengthy ban.
3. Do not disrespect other players or admins.
4. No sprays that contain genitals.
5. No ghosting. (Revealing the location of somebody)
6. If you swap to CT team after you are moved off of it
you could be banned or kicked.
7. CTs may not freekill or free attack Ts. (Shooting
or killing without reason)
-CTs must have a mic OR admin chat to give orders.
-You CAN be a CT without a mic, you just can not give orders.
-Admin chat orders must be spammed so all Ts have a chance to read it.
-CTs must repeat atleast once a round if asked by a T.
-CTs can NOT say "Same orders as last round" they must be a full repeat.
8. If the CT that gave orders dies, it is a freeday.
9. If the cells are not opened by a ct (auto open) it is a freeday.
- If cells open before orders are given it is a freeday
-Direction commands must be given before the cells open
-Orders such as "no guns nades detors or delays" must be given
before the cells open
-If the team ratio is worse that 2/3 it is a freeday.
-If the cells are spammed by any team it is a freeday
-If a T simply opens cells all orders are intact
10. No Homophobic/Mental/Racist slurrs.
11. CTs may give the "No follow or stack" order on any day except
for Firstday/Panda/Zombie freeday
-On any day but warday if there are 2-3 Ts alive, cts may give orders
12. CTs may kill Ts with an unholstered primary on sight, but must warn
for a secondary regardless.
-If a T doesnt drop their gun in 3 seconds you may kill them
-If a T is firing his/her weapon you may kill them
-If a T throws a nade and it damages anybody you may kill them
-CTs may not give Ts weapons. If they do the T is allowed to kill them
13. The last CT alive may kill any T with ANY gun.
14. Cts may not camp in armory, vents, or infirmary.
-Ts can go anywhere they like, unless ordered otherwise
15. Ts can ALWAYS jump, crouch, or move, except during Simon Says,
Zombie or Panda freedays.
-If the majority of the Ts have reached their location the warden may
force the remaining Ts to run there
16. No more than one war day per five rounds.
-If the Ts do not enter warzone for over three minute the CTs may leave
the area
-There is NO last request on warday
17. Ts may kill any CT that they can knife from the area they were
ordered to go
-If a CT is in a Ts area the T may ignore all orders to knife the CT
-There is no baiting on freedays
18. Last requests MUST be played correctly, no rebelling or cheating
-No custom LRs unless the CT agrees
-You can NOT deny an LR
-In Shot4Shot the competitors must be on the walls and stay there
-In noscope battle the competitors must START on the shot4shot wall,
but may leave it after their first shot
-If you lose an lr you can NOT suicide or run away
19. JCSteel, and Vex resserve the right to enforce rules not stated
in this MOTD.
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CS:S Rules
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