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 Tekkit Rules! (READ)

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PostSubject: Tekkit Rules! (READ)   Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:17 pm

Rule 1: No griefing unless you apply the "Tekkit War" rule.
Rule 2: Killing IS allowed
Rule 3: Do not enter someone else's property without permission
Rule 4: No Nuclear technology PERIOD
Rule 5: DO NOT ask for someone to spawn you an item
Rule 6: DO NOT ask for OP
Rule 7: Tekkit War: This applies ONLY under the case that someone has killed you and stolen ALL of your items that you had with you at the time, (Must have atleast 2 diamonds worth of mats) OR killed you in/below/above your property. With this rule; you may do a full scale attack on the offending player and their property. Damage to their house is frowned upon, but damage to their machines/Personal safes is NOT TOLERATED.
Rule 8: JCSteel has the right to change/add any and all of these rules any moment he may wish.
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Tekkit Rules! (READ)
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