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PostSubject: AMPZ RULEZ   Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:29 pm

In line of recent events, I have decided to make a new set of rules for the AMPZ server.

Rule 1: Each faction is entitled to (2) biomes of territory that they may claim. They may do anything that they please to it, and are not required to reveal anything done to that biome to anyone.

Rule 1.5: You MUST give some sort of indicator that a territory is occupied. (Ex. a sign, gun turret, etc)

Rule 2: If a player enters another's biome, the owner of the area may kill the intruder, no questions asked.

Rule 3: War is only allowed if someone has wronged you, or stolen from you, and you have proof that he or she has stolen from you.

Rule 4: If you wish to declare war, you must tell JCSteel ingame or out of game, and give the other player 24 hours to prepare.

Rule 5: If you have not told me that you wish to declare war, consequences may occur.

When you create territory for your faction, you must get the vote from EVERYONE on the server. The vote is a majority vote, and the majority wins. Period. When you are finished deciding your factions territory, you may set laws that your citizens must abide by. If a citizen in your territory does not follow these laws, you may punish them as you see fit.

Should both parties agree, one faction may annex another faction into it, thus creating more land.
However, should a part of a faction want to withdraw from it, the main faction may declare war, and take back what is rightfully theirs.


I have made this set of rules to be as realistic as possible, while still being able to maintain order within the server. If you have a problem with these rules, let me know, or deal with it.
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